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Having a population of 35 thousand dwellers, Dzierżoniów – the capital city of Dzierżoniów district in Lower Silesian province lies at the foot of the Owl Mountains (Góry Sowie) which are touristic attraction because of their beautiful landscapes. Excellent views (Great Owl at one side and Ślęża Massive at the other) and convenient location near the Czech Republic and Germany as well as not big distance from Wrocław make Polish and abroad tourists come here willingly.  Dzierżoniów welcomes them not only with beautiful views of mountains on the horizon but also with stylish restaurant, hospitable hotels and interesting monuments. This is because the town has a very rich history and the monuments which may be found here reach back the times of the Piasts and the Habsburgs.

There are plenty of monuments left in the town which attract everyone’s attention. One can visit the town taking, for example, the Dragon’s Route – a tourist and walking route which runs through the most interesting places in Dzierżoniów and which was founded on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the town.
 A picture of a dragon placed on stone plates leads us to beautiful, unique on a national scale, churches, a well-preserved defense walls, a the 19th century synagogue, historical town houses (in one of them the agreement of Austrian joining the any-Napoleonic coalition was signed in 1813), the Town Museum and especially to the 14th century Town Hall and its tower with a view terrace with an old clock mechanism and a reconstruction of a mint workshop.

In Dzierżoniów there are lots of outdoor events such as: St. George’s Fair (April), Days of Dzierżoniów and Outdoor Race of  Cycling and Tourism Amateurs (May) and Poetry on the Walls (June), Honey Harvest (August) and Dzierżoniów Presentations (September). The information about the monuments, periodic events, as well as publications and other materials associated with Dzierżoniów and the region may be found in Tourist Information Center.

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